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Çankaya, Ankara

Çankaya is the axial city-limits commune of the city-limits of Ankara , basic of Turkey, and an authoritative commune of Ankara Province. According to 2000 census, citizenry of the commune is 769,331 of which 758,490 reside in the burghal centermost of Çankaya (which swells up to 2 actor or added during the day). The commune covers an breadth of 268 km2 (103 sq mi), and the burghal centermost lies at an boilerplate acclivity of 986 m (3,235 ft).

The President of the Republic of Turkey resides actuality in the presidential alcazar “Çankaya Köskü”. The breadth is aswell home to abounding of the capital’s embassies, government departments and best-known landmarks. A lot of of the city-limits declared in the commodity Ankara lies aural the commune of Çankaya, the affection of the city, a fashionable business and cultural centre as able-bodied as the centre of government.


Until the founding of the Republic Çankaya was a hillside of orchards and breadth to the south of the city, which had developed up surrounding Ankara Castle (Kale) on the adverse hill. Everything afflicted in the 1920s if Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came to break in one of the garden houses. Atatürk called Ankara as basic of the new republic and in the 20s and 30s the city-limits bound grew, abnormally in the administration of Çankaya. In 1934 the biographer Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoglu was able to call the breadth as (my translation) a board bridge, a clay road, and if you appear annular the acropolis you see a hillside, blooming in affable contours. That’s Çankaya. Not any added it isn’t.


The aboriginal barrio of the republic were in admirable Ottoman style, but today Çankaya contains a amount of absorbing avant-garde barrio also. The commune is home a abundant amount of museums, theatres, cinemas, cultural associations, booksellers, publishers and libraries including the National Library in a new building. Abounding of the streets in the commune are called afterwards poets, writers and thinkers.

Most of Ankara’s best-known top schools and a abundant amount of university barrio are in the commune including the ample campuses of ODTU, Bilkent University and (most of) Hacettepe. Çankaya University, a clandestine academy endemic by agent Sitki Alp which was opened in a amount of above academy barrio in 1997.

Arresting neighbourhoods

Anittepe - a quiet, adorable city-limits centre residential neighbourhood with parks and sports facilities, next to Atatürk’s acropolis mausoleum, the Anitkabir. The neighbourhood contains a amount of accessible barrio including retired aggressive admiral housing, and an accretion amount of shops and offices. The basic access is Akdeniz Caddesi which agency Mediterranean Avenue; this may assume aberrant in a city-limits so far inland, in actuality the name comes from Atatürk’s Turkish War of Independence adjustment Armies, your aboriginal destination is the Mediterranean (Ordular ilk hedefiniz Akdenizdir - and the streets are called in adjustment Ordular Sokak, Ilk Sokak, Hedef Sokak and Akdeniz Caddesi).

Ayranci - A residential commune of bashful adaptation barrio (maximum 5 storeys) on a abrupt hillside. Until the 1960s this was still orchards and gardens.

Bagcilar - Another new district, a basin of adaptation barrio that until the 1970s was orchards.

Bahçelievler - the names agency garden-houses, today there are mainly adaptation barrio in this pleasant, green, residential commune centred on 7 nci Cadde, the awash arcade and aimless access of coffee shops and burger restaurants. The commune is accepted with acceptance as there are abounding cafes, bars, fast aliment outlets, and simple carriage to Hacettepe, Bilkent and Baskent University. Important barrio cover the Turkish National Library and the Ankara Ice Palace. The streets in the commune mainly accept numbers rather than names and one amount has abominably gone down in history. 15 nci Sokak, amount 56, adaptation 2 was the breadth of the code-name 56/2 Bahçelievler annihilation in October 1978, in which seven students, associates of the Turkish Workers’ Affair were deadened by bourgeois assassins associated with gang-leader Haluk Kirci.

View of Ankara from the botanical garden.Balgat - ample city-centre commune of low-price adaptation buildings, abaft ODTU. Home to abounding politicians including one of the ex-premiers Necmettin Erbakan and abounding of his Saadet party. Arresting barrio cover the ample address of the agency that across government spending (Sayistay), the training and article HQ of the Turkish Armed Forces, the Energy Agency (Energy Bazaar Regulatory Authority) (EPDK) and the address of abounding political parties including the administering AKP, the centre-right DYP and the nationalist MHP. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Accepted Directore of Civilian Aviation, Undersecretary of Foreign Trade, Treasury and added key accessible offices are nearby. Balgat was the accountable of a 1950s abstraction by anthropologist Daniel Lerner (The Passing of Traditional Society).

Cebeci - Called for the Ottoman armoury that was amid here, Cebeci is a residential commune of attenuated streets, accepted with students; the commonsense of political sciences, law and apprenticeship of Ankara University are here. The Cebeci Asri cemetery was the aboriginal avant-garde burying arena in Ankara and is the final comatose abode of abounding arresting abstracts including assassinated journalists Ugur Mumcu, Bahriye Üçok and Çetin Emeç.

Çukurambar - Above gecekondu (illegally built) district, now the aboriginal workers cottages (with their little gardens) are getting replaced with avant-garde adaptation buildings. The Foreign Ministry is amid actuality and there is still accessible acreage acceptance to the borough farm/forest esplanade Atatürk Orman Çiftligi.

Emek - adorable breadth of two-storey houses, centred on 8nci Caddesi, a active access of kebab houses.

Gazi Osman Pasa - one of Ankara’s smartest neighbourhoods, affluence adaptation overlooking the city-limits centre from on high. GOP was aforetime accepted as 14th May afterwards the date of the aboriginal abstruse acclamation in Turkey (in 1950) as the new adaptation congenital actuality was accepted with MPs of the Demokrat Parti, who won that election. Afterwards the affair was brought down by a aggressive accomplishment in 1960 the breadth was called afterwards Ottoman accepted Gazi Osman Pasha

Harbiye - home of the Army War Academy (Kara Harp Okulu)

Ilker - a austere neighbourhood on the eastern ancillary of the hill, one of Ankara’s accomplished points.

Incesu - the basin of the Incesu stream, which now runs in channels underground.

Middle East Technical University.Karakusunlar - the odd name has a adventure to it; if Atatürk accustomed with his troops during the Turkish War of Independence Ankara was beneath snow and they were clumsy to acquisition a dry abode to camp. Atatürk’s adjustment let them affected on the snow (kara kursunlar) has become the name of this commune breadth the arena took place. The apple is now a active commune of adaptation barrio on a abrupt slope, abaft the ODTU campus. Yalçin Küçük, biographer and political scientist acclaimed for his action to American access in Turkey, lives here.

Kavaklidere, Ankara - A acute neighbourhood of tree-lined streets, centred on Ankara’s busiest arcade access Tunali Hilmi Caddesi, with its arrangement of cinemas, bookshops, bars, cafes, patisseries, fast-food outlets and Ankara landmarks including the affluence arcade centre Karum, the old-established Kavaklidere Cinema and the appealing Kugulu Esplanade (kugu agency swan in Turkish, although in accuracy a lot of of the bird in the pond actuality are ducks). Until the 1970s this breadth was all vineyards and the Kavaklidere Winery was actuality in the district, breadth the Sheraton Hotel now stands. The name agency beck with poplars in Turkish, but the beck runs underground today and there are few poplars.

Keklikpinari - abrupt acropolis commune with arctic acclimate and a appearance of the accomplished city; the point breadth Atatürk entered Ankara on January 27, 1919, as actual by Ilkadim (first steps) Park. Until the 1960s this was a tiny apple alfresco the city.

Kirkkonaklar - gecekondu commune (now adaptation buildings) overlooking the highway, far from the city-limits centre, abaft the chic Gazi Osman Pasa district.

Kizilay - the affection of the city, an adorable blend of alive streets deeply arranged with humans alive in and out of schools and black classes, cafes, and shops (especially bookshops); with abounding added hasty to and from plan in the abounding shops and offices in the district. Millions of humans appear into the commune anniversary day for work, academy and arcade (watch out for pickpockets). The pavements are awash with hawkers and buskers and are busy with life-size abstracts in bronze, sitting, reading, mining atramentous (!!). The basic access has continued been the breadth for a lot of of Ankara’s beef marches and demonstrations, abnormally by government workers and civilian servants.

Bakanliklar - acute area, breadth of the assembly and abounding government ministries, (although a lot of are affective to new bounds on the Eskisehir road) as able-bodied as bags of shops including Ankara’s buzz and pirated book market.

Kumrular Sokak - admirable tree-lined artery of cafes

Sakarya Caddesi - a artery of confined and angle restaurants, Ankara’s bubbler capital.

Kizilirmak Sokak - with its cinemas, cafes and black classes for adolescent humans abstraction for the university access exam.

Kocatepe - A acropolis crowned with Ankara’s better mosque. Aswell accepted for a high-quality cast of Turkish coffee.

Küçükesat - a quiet neighbourhood of residential streets, lined with trees, little advantage and kebab sellers and appropriately accepted with retired civilian agents (although afresh added confined accept opened and the basic access is now paraded by Ankara’s transvestites). It is aswell hardly ambagious that the majority of the street-names activate with the letter b.

Maltepe - an old neighbourhood, already abounding of workers adaptation and little workshops, now in abatement and best accepted for its ailing nightclubs, and a ample accessible bazaar for bargain bogus appurtenances from the above Soviet Union and pirated films and software.

Mebusevleri - pleasant, quiet breadth of little houses and gardens, (although abounding are now getting replaced by adaptation buildings), abreast the Anitkabir.

Oran Sitesi - Affluence adaptation circuitous with backwoods behind, home to abounding of Turkey’s arch politicians including Alparslan Türkes, Deniz Baykal and Bülent Ecevit. Arresting barrio cover the assembly residences, army accommodation, the address of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation and a amount of superior restaurants.

Öveçler - Residential area, 4 uncu Cadde is home to a amount of IT companies, IT and accent training institutes and aswell the HQ of the Informatics Associations of Turkey TBD, founded by bookish Aydin Köksal.

Sogutözü - the breadth on the Eskisehir alley breadth all the inter-city bus terminals are. Aswell the big Bayindir hospital, the Gazi aggressive officer’s club, and now a amount of new barrio adaptation government ministries and the address of the action affair CHP.

100. Yil Sitesi - briefing breadth of low-quality accessible housing, patrolled by packs of agrarian dogs. the blocks were congenital as workers adaptation but they are abreast the ODTU campus and not far from Kizilay so actual accepted with students. Congenital in 1981, the centenary of Atatürk’s birth, appropriately the name.

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