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Çankaya University ankara

Çankaya University ankara

Çankaya University (Turkish: Çankaya Üniversitesi) was accustomed August 27, 1997 by Sitki Alp Apprenticeship Foundation, and the university commenced its functions in the autumn of the aforementioned year.

In aspect of Çankaya University

Çankaya University is a university endemic by a clandestine foundation in Çankaya, Ankara , Turkey. The university was accustomed by Sitki Alp, as a alteration of his accessory apprenticeship akin academy Ari College into a college apprenticeship institute, and opened by above admiral of Turkey, Süleyman Demirel in 1997 and has developed rapidly. In an age of antagonism if civilisation and technology accept accomplished their zenith, borders amid nations accept beneath and now are about invisible. Each nation is aggravating to be a centre of excellence. Education, reliable and able education, is assuredly the base for such excellence. With this ambition in mind, a association of educators accomplished at bookish institutions of top acceptability all over the apple accept been set up. This ambition is to train, the acceptance of Çankaya University in the best way accessible through well-developed curricula in assorted fields.

The university has almost a baby campus, but the new campus is advised to be opened in 2009. The new campus will accept the third better campus breadth in Ankara afterwards METU and Bilkent University.

Faculties and departments

Art and Sciences

English Language and Literature

Mathematics and Computer

Translation and Interpreting Studies

Economics and Administrative Sciences


International Trade


Political Science and International Relations

Engineering and Architecture

Computer Engineering

Electronic and Communication Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Interior Architecture



Çankaya Vocational Training School

International Trade Management

Graduate Schools

Graduate Academy of Natural and Applied Sciences

Graduate Academy of Social Sciences

Preparatory School

Preparatory Academy (Prep of English)


Art and Sciences - Dean: Prof. Dr. Emel DOgRAMACI

Mathematics and Computer Sciences Department - Chairman : Prof. Dr. Ahmet ERis

English Language and Literature Department - Chairman: Aysu Aryel ERDEN

Translation and Interpreting Studies(English) - Chairman: Prof. Dr. Gürkan DOgAN

Engineering and Architecture Faculty - Dean: Prof. Dr. Ziya B. GÜVENÇ

Computer Engineering Department - Chairman: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Resit TOLUN

Industrial Engineering Department - Chairman: Fetih YILDIRIM

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department - Chairman: Prof. Dr. Yahya Kemal BAYKAL

Interior Architecture Department - Chairman: Prof. Dr. H.Cüneyt ELKER

Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty - Dean: Prof. Dr. Ahmet YALNIZ

Economics Department - Chairman: Prof. Dr. F.Dilek ÖZBEK

International Trade Department - Chairman: Assist. Prof. Dr. Ömer YURTSEVEN

Management Department - Chairman: Prof. Dr. Hasan Isin Dener

Political Science and International Relations Department - Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tanel DEMiREL

Law Faculty - Dean: Prof. Dr. Turgut ÖNEN

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Erzan ERZURUMLUOgLU

Çankaya Vocational Training School

International Trade Management Department


Prof. Dr. Ziya B. GÜVENÇ

Chair The Board of Trustees

Sitki Alp

Research centers

Center for Research and Application in Law

Center for Research and Application in Women’s Studies

Center for Research and Application in Ataürk’s Principles and the Revolutionary History

Center for Continuing Education, Consultation and Application

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