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Health Tourism Antalya

Health Tourism Antalya

A-) Termal Torism
B-) Saglik Tourism
C-) SPA & Wellness

Thermal, Spa & Wellness, Beauty and Health

The Turkish hospitality, an excellent hotel offer and a well-balanced value for money relation, in addition the pleasant Mediterranean climate, miles long beaches, the wonderful scenery and a rich cultural inheritance - all this has served to make the region of Antalya one of the most popular holiday destinations. Turkey obtained a positive reputation also in the wellness and health sector, because already in ancient times the curative thermal springs were well-known. Still today these springs are used for the treatment of different illnesses and in particular in Pamukkale and Afyon offer new hotels with generous health resort facilities and wellness facilities. At Bursa, beside the old Roman and Byzantine thermal baths an even bigger bath complex was built by the Ottomans in the 14th century.
The Kangal thermal centre in the area of Sivas is quite unique in its kind. Not only the curative water, but also small fishes (2 to 10 cm) play an important role with the healing of skin diseases.

Some popular thermal baths which are controlled by the health ministry:

Ankara - Klzllcahamam, Ayas” Haymana
Afyon - Ömer Gecek (Sandikli)
Denizli - Pamukkale, Karahayit
lzmir - Balcova, Cesme, Sifne
Konya - Ilgin
Kütahya - Yoncali, Harlek
Sivas - Kangal

Spa, this word is today often an upper concept for health services and well being. The wellness area of hotels is often called also spa. Originally the name is probably derived from the health resort situated in the Belgian Ardennes, Spa. Already in the 16th century health treatment and vacationers came to Spa to make use of the thermal springs. Often it is also mentioned that “spa” originates from Latin “sanus per aquam”, “Healthy by water”.

In any case, Antalya is a good choice for a wellness vacation. Many of the modern hotels have a wellness (or spa) area, Thalasso, Aroma therapy, Ayurveda, Beauty programmes and different massages provide for relaxation and rest. A wellness package should not miss the visit of the famous Turkish bath, the Hamam. Because it delivers rich minerals from the sea water, the thalasso therapy is also called the „treasure chest of sea“. Just the water of the Mediterranean Sea with his high sodium chloride and magnesium content is very suitable for this therapy form.

The trend to combine a vacation in Turkey or Antalya with a health treatment shows rising interest in the past years. Not only for ocular operations or dental treatments, but also for plastic and aesthetics surgery, hair transplants, laser operations, skin diseases, check-up, cancer treatments, dialysis and heart-vein surgery, gynecology, in-vitro-Fertilization, brain surgery and orthopedic treatments - patients from Europe and other countries often choose a clinic or a doctor in Turkey. Beside economic reasons a treatment in Antalya comes up with the possibility to combine treatment and vacation.

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