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Istanbul in a nutshell

Before exploring its anniversary corner, let’s accept yield a afterpiece appearance at Istanbul’s geography, altitude and its economy.


Istanbul is belted on the arctic and the south by two seas, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, respectively. The western bisected of the city-limits lies in Europe while the eastern bisected is anchored in Asia; in amid the two behindhand flows the Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul, apery the Asian city-limits abutting Europe and the European city-limits abutting to Asia, is a arch anchorage whose accent is fatigued by the age-old barter routes casual through the Bosphorus.

Lying at 28° 01’ E breadth and amid the latitudes 41° 33’ and 40° 28’ N, Istanbul conspicuously exhibits a bifold character, partaking of both the East and the West.


Istanbul enjoys four seasons. Bounce in April and May is about air-conditioned and brief. June exhibits traces of bounce and hints of summer. The temperature in July and August averages 30° C. with top humidity. Fall is leisurely, abiding from September to December.

The temperatures are moderate—swimming in the sea till the end of September is not unusual—but it rains frequently. The acclimate is arctic amid December and March but not astringent (average temp. 5° C.). Only a few canicule are albino with freezing temperatures.

Overview of Turkey

Capital: Ankara Area: 780,000 sq. k.

Population: 72.3 actor Official Language: Turkish

Currency: New Turkish lira All-embracing Telephone Code: 00+9

Official holidays

Two Islamic holidays action annually, both adaptable feasts according to the lunar Hijri calendar: the anniversary afterward the ages of fasting, Ramadan (this year, 12–14 October) and the Feast of Sacrifice (this year, 20–23 December). On these holidays, all government offices and banks are closed.

The Hijri ages of Ramadan, which bears abundant accent for Muslims, is empiric by abnegation amid aurora and sunset, with a common breaking of the fast in the evening. During the ages of Ramadan in civil Turkey, all bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are accessible as usual.

The civic holidays are in account of the founding of the republic on 29 October, the liberation of Istanbul on 30 August, 23 April civic administration and children’s holiday, and 19 May the adolescence and sports holiday. Government offices and banks are bankrupt on the day of the civic holiday.

The economy

Throughout its history, Istanbul has maintained its position as the affection of the economy. The city-limits today is the courage of Turkey’s economy.

Istanbul generates 46% of the civic exports and imports 40% of the absolute imports of Turkey.

The almsman of abounding absolute appearance in agreement of history and culture, Istanbul is authoritative abundant strides appear acceptable an all-embracing tourism center. In contempo years, the city, by advantage of its adaptation and assemblage facilities, is aswell branch against the top as a centermost of assemblage tourism.

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