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Karatas, izmir

Karatas is a adjacency of izmir, Turkey, aural the boundaries of the city’s axial city-limits commune of Konak. The neighorhood no best has an official bonds or cachet and exists as a abstract breadth (semt) that is accepted to amplitude forth the baby anchorage of the aforementioned name (Karatas Anchorage (Koyu)) in the Gulf of izmir. Its breadth about corresponds to the clearly belted division (mahalle) alleged Turgut Reis. The inhabitants, a allotment of whom adjacency pride is absolutely developed, aswell usually acknowledge active in Karatas.

Karatas is historically the allotment of izmir breadth the city’s Jewish citizenry is concentrated, decidedly for middle- to richer classes. In Ottoman times, the atomic were usually either concentrated in Mezarlikbasi division or about Havra Sokagi (Synagogue Street), both of which are amid in or about Kemeralti exchange zone, or were broadcast beyond the city. Karatas is still the breadth in izmir breadth a lot of associates of the city’s Jewish association abide to live.


1907 congenital Beth Israel abbey in Karatas, izmirAlong with a lot of Jews in Turkey, izmir’s Jewish association is aswell overwhelmingly Sephardic, admitting a connected Romaniote Jewish actuality in Anatolia dating aback to the antiquity, as able-bodied as baby calibration migrations by Ashkenazi Jews into Ottoman acreage (usually beat the persecutions in Axial Europe) at assorted times.

The architecture of an organized Jewish association in Ottoman izmir has its roots in the boot of Jews from Spain in 1492, although it is about assertive that there was not a absolute and actual clearing from Spain to the city-limits of izmir self. It is absolutely absorbing to agenda that, while the annal do announce baby settlements by Sephardim Jewish migrants in such civil cities as Manisa, Akhisar, Turgutlu and Tire, the accepted day city-limits of izmir goes unmentioned in the 16th aeon context. The aboriginal 20th aeon Turkish Jewish scholar, the baneful Turkish nationalist Avram Galante, who charcoal the arch advertence for the Jewish history in Turkey, explained the absence of Jews in pre-17th aeon izmir by the common plagues and wars in this littoral city, as able-bodied as by the alternative Jews themselves accept apparent for such tax havens of the time as Selânik and Manisa.

A Jewish attendance in association in izmir is accurate in Ottoman bigoted surveys (tahrir defter) as of 1605 and in ancestry of Selanik. But the amount Jewish citizenry of the city-limits grew rapidly and soon, to ability at an estimated 7,000 in 1631 and to 15,000 in 1675, about the time Sabbatai Zevi proclaimed himself as messiah and appropriately sowed the seeds of a abysmal and abiding crisis and scission aural the community. Concentrated at aboriginal in today’s Kemeralti exchange breadth and pulsating forth with the absolute citizenry of Ottoman izmir, the added flush Jewish association of the city-limits more chose to reside in the resort-like ambiance of Karatas as of 1865 if the breadth was clearly opened for residential use.

The history of the Jewish association of izmir was about apparent with adherence admitting the alternating turmoils Turkey has been through. According to a 1856 British address presented to the Secretary of State for War, they numbered as abounding as 17,000 in izmir at the time, and attributable to the allusive alternative and amnesty from abuse they enjoyed, their numbers were rapidly increasing. The aforementioned report, which has abundant to say aswell to the disadvantage of the Turks (on those of izmir particularly, admitting it is abounding of elogies on the absolutely Turkish arena of Aydin), placed the unmolested Jewish community, afflicted neither with the blood-soaked pride of Greeks, with whom aggregate became a civic question, nor with the Armenians’ consistently alive analogue of self-interest, on a basement that was afar from the added two. According to Rolleston, the Smyrniot Jew was about tall, about consistently fair-haired, with ablaze and frequently dejected eyes, a beeline adenoids and a white skin. But whatever blame the Greek accustomed at the duke of the Turk, according to the report, were transmitted by him to the Jew, and at seasons of religious excitement, such as the Greek Easter, it was alarming for a Jew to be apparent abreast the Greek quarter.

A amount of claret aspersion cases brought the Jewish association of izmir beneath aggravation from the Greeks of the city-limits at altered times till 1921, who were aswell absolute rivals in assorted trades. Although a aberration in Ottoman lands, again denounced by the sultans starting with Süleyman the Magnificent, the a lot of austere of claret aspersion accompanying troubles took abode during the three months amid April and June 1872, as appear by Henri Nahum. Although the official analysis had appear the accusations as absolutely bottomless in the specific case of the abolished Greek child, afterwards begin asleep by drowning with his skull burst afterwards his afterlife and the Greek culprits aswell apparent in time, the division of Karatas was attacked on an about circadian base during the three months and about sixty Jewish shops and houses were burnt in Karatas and Kemeralti.

The Jewish notables and association of izmir kept their ambit with the Greek administering during the activity of izmir amid 1919-1922, as abundant by Daniel Goffman. One above citizen of Karatas, Albert Jean Amateau, even went as far as deposing an adjuration afore a California agent accessible where, abandoning the assassinations of Balgosian, Balokian and Sivrissarian, affluent Armenians of izmir, in 1906 and a continued history of agitation by Armenian abstruse societies (later political parties), he presented arguments against Armenian Genocide allegations .

Main sights

Asansör on Dario Moreno StreetBeth Israel, city’s better synagogue, and Karatas Hastanesi (also alleged as “Yahudi Hastanesi” [Jewish Hospital] by locals), which is endemic and operated by a Jewish foundation, are still operating. Abounding old houses in Karatas are absent by fires and self-destruction. Asansör, in fact “the elevator”, congenital in 1907 by a agent alleged Nesim Levi to acquiesce humans to ascend the animated allotment of the breadth that is afar by the littoral bewilderment by a abrupt cliff, is one of the arch landmarks of Karatas, as able-bodied as for izmir as a whole. The artery breadth Asansör is anchored is alleged Dario Moreno Artery (Dario Moreno Sokagi), in anamnesis of the singer-composer who had in fact bought a abode for his mother in that artery and had lived there during the aboriginal phases of his fame.

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