Media and art mentioning (advertence) izmir

The composition “The Turkish Captive” in the balladry aggregate Les Orientales by Victor Hugo (1828)

The abandoned piano section “In Smyrna” by Edward Elgar (1905);

The atypical Eric Ambler (1939, 1994). Mask of Dimitrios ISBN 0792718216 (in English). Chivers.

The cine “You Can’t Win ‘Em All” with Tony Curtis and Charles Bronson (1970);

The biking book John D. Tumpane (1981). Scotch and Holy Water ISBN 0960738207 (in English). St. Giles Pr. ;

The atypical Dido Sotiriou (1962, 1991). Farewell Anatolia ISBN 9600404798 (in English). Kedros. ;

The atypical E. Howard Hunt (2006). izmir ISBN 1556114745 (in English). Donald I. Fine Books.

The atypical Jeffrey Eugenides (2002). Middlesex ISBN 0374704309 (in English). Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

The novel/TV alternation “The Witches of Smyrna” by Mara Meimaridi (2004);

The atypical Louis de Bernières (2005). Birds Without Wings (novel) ISBN 1400079322 (in English). Knopf Publishing Group.

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