The average Turk’s party?

We are hearing debates that take up the use of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an’s assessment of the ruling AK Party as being the “average Turk’s political party” in concert with arguments over EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn’s use of the term “democratic secularity.”

Now, if we were to talk about what the “average Turk” was according to our own impressions, we would really only be describing the “average” according to what our own particular social group was. In order to give a proper description or analysis, you have to look at data from a wide variety of sources. The first piece of data in our hands comes from a reliable research firm called A&G: In the month of January, votes for the AK Party were up at 54 percent, though by the end of April, they had fallen to 42 percent. What this means is that the AK Party is still the central political movement in the society but that after a certain point, their popularity became slippery and changeable; it can go up or down, depending on the economy and stability, which are the most important factors herein.

13 May 2008, Tuesday


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