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Beyoglu (Istanbul) Restaurants

Istanbul’s Beyoglu commune to the arctic of the Golden Horn has affluence of variety:

Haci Baba (tel +90-212-244-1886), Istiklal Caddesi 49 a block southwest of Taksim Square, is a longtime admired with glassed-in terrace tables overlooking the affable courtyard of the Greek Orthodox Church next door. The continued card has all sorts of adorable Turkish specialties, which you can aswell accept by artlessly traveling to the kitchen for a look. Cafeteria or banquet costs US$10 to US$20 per being with wine or beer.

Nature & Peace, B├╝y├╝kparmakkapi Sokak 21 off Istiklal Caddesi has acceptable New Age aliment (including some vegetarian) served in cozy, candlelit surroundings, for about US$10 per meal (closed Sunday).

Hala, on Çukurlu Çesme Sokak (around the bend at the far end of Büyükparmakkapi Sokak), specializes in Turkish ravioli (manti) and has apple women in the foreground window rolling out the attenuate chef with angular rolling pins as you watch. The manti, served with a ablaze yogurt sauce, is accurate and delicious, which is why a lot of of the assemblage actuality are locals, not tourists.

Haci Abdullah (tel +90-212-293-8561), a bisected block northwest off Istiklal Caddesi at Sakizagaci Caddesi 17, is a part of the city’s acclaimed old dining places. The ambient is ablaze and alive rather than quiet and dark, the Turkish aliment is delicious, but no alcoholic beverages are served. This is a abundant abode for women traveling abandoned to banquet undisturbed. A abounding meal with bendable alcohol or abstract costs US$9 to US$15.

├çi├žek Pasaji, Istiklal Caddesi 172, is a continued attenuated courtyard aural a celebrated building. The courtyard is lined with restaurants alms acceptable aliment (including seafood) for rather top prices, with abrupt abstruseness amount mark-ups not unknown. It’s the abode abounding Turks accompany first-time adopted visitors to Istanbul.

Nevizade Sokak, off Sahne Sokak abreast the ├çi├žek Pasaji, is brimming abounding of meyhanes (Turkish tavernas) confined accomplished aliment and copious booze at alfresco tables in a bright, active, blatant atmosphere. It’s abundant fun with a Turkish friend, admitting a bit alarming without. It’s absolutely a affable scene, women are welcomed, and the waiters will do their best to cover you. After a few account you’re assertive to accept fabricated some new accompany a part of the Turkish and adopted diners.

Your Nevizade Sokak banquet may be the a lot of memorable of your absolute Turkish trip. Accept any restaurant. If you’re stumped, try Asirli, Boncuk, ├çaglar, Kadri’nin Yeri, or Imroz.

Order several plates of meze (Turkish hors d’oeuvres and salads), again a capital advance of meat or fish, and ambrosia if you accept room. With white wine or raki (grape brandy flavored with anise), you may pay US$10 to US$15 per being for a abounding meat banquet with drinks, or up to alert that abundant for seafood (ask angle prices afore you order!)

D├Ârt Mevsim (”Four Seasons;” tel +90-212-293-3941), Istiklal Caddesi 509, abreast T├╝nel Square, has offered accomplished Turkish and continental dishes and account for 30 years. With old-time adornment and a guitar and violin duo a lot of evenings, it’s abundant for a adventurous last-night-in-Istanbul dinner. The anchored card cafeteria (noon to 3 pm) is a arrangement at US$10; banquet (US$20 to US$25 per person) is served from 6 message to midnight; bankrupt Sunday.


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