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Beypazari , Ankara

Beypazari , Ankara

It is a canton in the Central Anatolia, Ankara and amid at the 100 km west of Ankara.

Beypazari which is one of the administrator cavalryman centers accepting a abundant accent in the apple administration and the aggressive arrangement of the Ottoman Empire has been alleged as Beg Pazari due to the cavalryman in the commune and the commercial, economical concentration.

Considering the actual advance of the Anatolia, it is empiric that aboriginal Hitit, Frigya, Galat, Roman and Byzantine at the aboriginal era again Anatolian Selcuklu and Ottoman accept disqualified at the Beypazari County. Beypazari is amid at the actual causeway which had a abundant accent as it was abutting Istanbul to Ankara and Baghdad at the Roman Era. Its aboriginal name was Lagania which agency “rock acropolis country” and it was the episcopacy centermost of the Byzantine Empire. The name of the city-limits was afflicted as Lagania – Anastasiopolis (Anastasios City) due to the appointment of the East Roman (Byzantsne) Emperor Anastasios who had disqualified amid the years of AD 491 and 518.

Transportation Information

Address 100 km west of Ankara


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