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Hacettepe Spor Kulübü ANKARA

Hacettepe Spor Kulübü ANKARA

Hacettepe is a Turkish football club amid in Ankara , Turkey. Afterwards the 2006/2007 season, the club was answer from TFF 1. Alliance to the Turkish Super League, The Club was managed by Gençlerbirligi lath and called Gençlerbirligi Oftas but if they answer to the Super League, added teams of TFF 1. League, affected to abolish the championship. Still they played 2007 - 2008 analysis beneath the aforementioned name but afterwards the growing speculations, on 18th of July 2008 the club’s name afflicted to Hacettepe SK. The new club aims to survive the old attitude of Hacettepe, which was an old acceptable club of the aforementioned commune of Ankara. But in 1988 the club confused to Keçiören, one of the suborbian areas of Ankara and became Keçiörengücü. Hacettepe S.K. still uses GB Oftas’s red and atramentous colors, but old Hacettepe’s allegorical amethyst added to them. However, above Hacettepe’s colours were amethyst and white. Club’s new logo is composed of Ankara alcazar which can be apparent from Hacettepe district

Gençlerbirligi OFTAs was founded as Sanayi Barbarosspor in 1949. He played Third Alliance amid 1968-1972. He renamed as Asasspor in 1998 and played in the Turkish 2nd alliance amid 1999-2001. ASASSpor withdrew from that alliance afterwards affective from the 4th to 5th group. Afterwards ASASSpor had a banking crisis in 2003, Gençlerbirligi S.K. purchased the club and afflicted its name to Gençlerbirligi ASASSpor. The adumbration of the club was replaced with Gençlerbirligi’s emblem. Afterwards OFTAs active a advocacy accord with Gençlerbirligi in 2006, the club’s name was afflicted to Gençlerbirligi OFTAs.

Before, Gençlerbirligi Oftas afflicted it’s name, clearly all OFTAs players are beneath appropriate arrangement with the ancestor club Gençlerbirligi, which uses OFTAs as a assets team.

In 2007, afore OFTAs was promoted, the Turkish Football Federation disqualified that they would be acceptable to attempt in the Super Lig, alongside Gençlerbirligi, as continued as the two clubs accept a altered chairman. This is in adverse to the rules of alliance in countries like Spain, area assets teams can play in able leagues but they cannot be in the aforementioned analysis with or in a college analysis than their chief squad.[citation needed]


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