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Kumkapi Istanbul

The different meyhane ability of Kumkapi, in which raki is bashed with angle and mezzes, and abnormality artist roam from table to table while playing, has existed in this breadth for hundreds of years.

The breadth of Kumkapi was aboriginal founded as a fishing apple during Byzantine times. In that era, it was accepted as Kostonkalion and its harbour was a accepted destination for sailors. Sailors, who lived and formed on their boats during the day, fabricated it their aboriginal stop in the evenings if they capital to hunt abroad their austere solitude. As such, Kumkap? became the centre of meyhane culture. The attitude of the meyhanes, which stretches aback into history added than one thousand years, still preserves today.

The amusement of raki and fish

On the rough, asphalt streets of Kumkapi, the ball begins in the aboriginal hours of the evening, and lasts after abeyance until the morning. One can generally bolt a aroma of the different odour of the meyhane, a admixture of beginning fish, mezzes, and raki.

The card at a meyhane about consists of acceptable Ottoman mezzes, including topik (a advance of potatoes, onions, and garbanzo beans), fasulye pilaki (a algid bowl fabricated from broiled beans and olive oil), fava (mashed beans), hummus, haydari (a garlic-yoghurt spread), ezme (spicy amazon with pepper paste), broiled mackerel, acrid bonito, and blimp mussels. Following the mezzes, a array of melancholia angle are offered as a capital course. Raki, of course, commonly accompanies the meal, admitting added types of alcoholic beverages are aswell available.

Besides, groups of Gypsy musicians, usually play the violin, tom-toms, and clarinet. You accept the befalling to accept to a acceptable blazon of Turkish music, “fasil”. At some meyhanes, you ability even be able to watch a abdomen ball performance.


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