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High-speed rail (abuse) in Turkey

High-speed rail (abuse) in Turkey

The Turkish State Railways started architecture accelerated abuse curve in 2003. The aboriginal line, which has a breadth of 533 km from Istanbul (Turkey’s better metropolis) via Eskisehir to Ankara (the capital) is beneath architecture and will abate the travelling time from 6–7 hours to 3 hours 10 minutes. The aboriginal appearance of this project, the Ankara - Eskisehir band which has a breadth of 245 km and some 1h 05m of projected biking time. Trials began on April 23, 2007 but acquirement earning account has yet to commence. The blow of the project, the Eskisehir - istanbul line, is appointed to be completed by 2009; including the Marmaray adit (Bosporus undersea railway tunnel) which will authorize the aboriginal anytime railway affiliation amid Europe and Anatolia, and eventually Asia.

Accelerated abuse lines

Two ETR 500 alternation sets accept been acclimated for testing the aboriginal completed allotment of the Turkish top acceleration railway arrangement on April 23, 2007The architecture of the Ankara - Konya band (300km) began in 2006. A biking time of 70 account is projected for this track, which will aswell be affiliated with the Ankara - Eskisehir band in Polatli.

Other projected top acceleration abuse curve include:

Ankara - Afyon - Usak - izmir (branching from the Ankara-Konya line)

Ankara - Yozgat - Sivas

Ankara - Kayseri (branching from the Ankara-Sivas line)

Istanbul - Bursa (branching from the istanbul-Ankara line)

Ankara - Bursa (branching from the istanbul-Ankara line)

Sivas - Erzincan - Erzurum - Kars

Eskisehir - Antalya

Konya - Mersin ( - Adana )

Istanbul - Kapikule (Bulgarian border)

Accelerated alternation sets

Inauguration commemoration of the EUROTEM (TÜVASAs-ROTEM) branch in Adapazari, Turkey, which will licence body the HSR-350x trains that can ability a best acceleration of 352.4 km/h

An HT65000 alternation set, purchased from CAF of SpainThe bartering top acceleration trains are accepted to ability top speeds of 250-300 km/h (150-200 mph) on these tracks.

The aboriginal ten TCDD HT65000 accelerated alternation sets were purchased from CAF of Spain, and accept a best acceleration of 250 km/h. In addition, two ETR 500 alternation sets, which can ability a top acceleration of 300 km/h, accept been busy from Italy and were acclimated for testing the aboriginal completed allotment of the top acceleration railway network, amid Eskisehir and Ankara , on April 23, 2007.

For added sets to be acclimated on new planned advance and the accepted ones beneath construction, a collective action (EUROTEM) amid the South Korean ROTEM and Turkish TÜVASAs has been established, and a branch in Adapazari, Sakarya Province is getting complete to licence body the HSR-350x trains which can ability a best acceleration of 352.4 km/h.


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