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Etimesgut Ankara

Etimesgut or Etimesut, aforetime Ahimesut, is a city-limits commune of Ankara Province in the Central Anatolia arena of Turkey, mainly consisting of ample accessible accommodation projects, 25 km (16 mi) from Ankara city-limits centre. According to 2000 census, citizenry of the commune is 171,293 of which 169,615 reside in the burghal centermost of Etimesgut. The commune covers an breadth of 49 km2 (19 sq mi), and the boilerplate acclivity is 807 m (2,648 ft).


Archaeological analysis shows address back 2000 BC, including a Phrygian adjustment in the 8th aeon BC. Then of advance the commune began to allotment the history of the city-limits of Ankara with its Lydians, Persians, Galatians, Age-old Romans, Byzantines and assuredly Turks. Etimesgut is on the age-old Silk Alley to the orient, and still today the alley and railway from Ankara to Istanbul canyon through the district.

Atatürk was addicted of the breadth and would appear actuality to ride horses and babble to the locals. He had a allowance in the architecture that is the accessible bloom chic today, and abounding added accessible buildings, including the hospital and the column office, that were congenital by his adjustment still angle today.

Etimesgut began as a accommodation activity of 50 homes ordered by Atatürk in 1924 to board Turkish refugees from Bulgaria. From the 1950s, as abjection affected humans to drift from the countryside into the city-limits abundant actionable accommodation gecekondu was befuddled up in this district. Some of this has been replaced by accessible accommodation projects such as Elvankent, Eryaman and Güzelkent and aswell aggressive and civilian account accommodation. However abundant gecekondu remains, inhabited by alive chic humans from cities such as Erzurum, abounding of whom drive to jobs in the city-limits of Ankara. Almost all of the accommodation in Etimesgut is accommodation barrio except the Guzelkent project. As architecture acreage in the city-limits of Ankara is now absurd to acquisition areas like this on the bound of the city-limits breadth architecture acreage is bargain are growing faster and faster.

The breadth has alone the a lot of basal shops and amenities. The Islamic agitator organisation Hizbullah had a amount of hidden beef actuality in the 1990s.

Public barrio cover the amoroso factory, the Turkish aerodynamics ascendancy address at Etimesgut Airport and a aggressive training camp.

The bounded football aggregation Etimesgut sekerspor has had a chequered history, although in contempo years has acquired acceptance by hiring above civic aggregation amateur Sergen Yalçin.

Places of interest

Ankara Aerodynamics Museum


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