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Angora goat

Angora goat

The Angora dupe (Turkish: Ankara ke├žisi) is a dupe from the Angora arena in Anatolia, abreast abreast Ankara , Turkey.

This brand is aboriginal mentioned in the time of Moses, almost 1500 B.C. The aboriginal Angora goats were brought to Europe by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, about 1554, but, like after imports, were not actual successful.

The bleed taken from an Angora dupe is alleged mohair. A individual dupe produces amid 5 and eight kilograms of hair per year. Angoras are bald alert a year, clashing sheep which are bald alone once.

Angora goats are added affected to alien parasites (ectoparasites) than agnate animals, as their coats are denser. They are not abounding breeders, nor are they advised actual hardy, getting decidedly aerial during the aboriginal few canicule of life. Further, Angoras accept top comestible requirements due to their accelerated hair growth. A poor superior diet will abbreviate mohair development.

For a continued aeon of time, Angora goats were bred for their white coat. In 1998 the Atramentous Angora Dupe Breeders Association was set up to advance ancestry of atramentous Angoras. Now Angora goats aftermath white, atramentous (deep atramentous to greys and silver), red (the blush fades decidedly as the dupe gets older), and brownish fiber.

Angora dupe in Bristol, EnglandThe United States, Turkey, and South Africa are the top producers of mohair.

Brand registries

American Angora Dupe Breeders’ Association

Colored Angora Dupe Breeders Association

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