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Ankara Transportation

Ankara Transportation

Esenboga International Airport, amid in the north-east of the city, is the capital airport of Ankara.

Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (Turkish: Ankara sehirlerarasi Terminal isletmesi, AsTi) is an important allotment of the bus arrangement which covers every neighbourhood in the city.

The axial alternation station, “Ankara Gari” of the Turkish State Railways (Turkish: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Demiryollari, TCDD), is an important hub abutting the western and eastern locations of the country. High-speed abuse casework are to be operated amid Ankara and Istanbul, alpha in 2009.

The Electricity, Gas, Bus General Directorate (EGO) operates the Ankara Metro and added forms of accessible transportation. Ankara is currently served by burghal abuse and two alms curve with about 300,000 absolute circadian commuters, and three added alms curve are beneath construction.

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