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Akyurt , Ankara

Akyurt , Ankara

Akyurt, aforetime Ravli, is an burghal commune of Ankara Province in the Central Anatolia arena of Turkey, allotment of the city-limits of Ankara. According to 2000 census, citizenry of the commune is 18,907 of which 8,069 reside in the burghal centermost of Akyurt. The commune covers an breadth of 212 km2 (82 sq mi) km², and the boilerplate acclivity is 960 m (3,150 ft).

Akyurt is an automated breadth about 30 km from the city-limits centre, abreast Ankara Esenboga International Airport, on the alley from Ankara to Çankiri. Factories in the commune cover Mikes, and a bulb of the electronics aggregation Aselsan. There are over 18,000 residents, including abounding contempo migrants from Çankiri, Çorum and Kastamonu, but the daytime alive citizenry of Akyurt is over 40,000.

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