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Bahçelievler , Ankara

Bahçelievler , Ankara

Bahçelievler is a adjacency in Çankaya District of Ankara , Turkey. The name agency ‘houses with gardens’ in Turkish language.

The adjacency was accepted in the 1970s as a battlefield for the appropriate and larboard addition political factions. In particular, it is the abode of the Bahçelievler Massacre of October 8, 1978, if 7 students, associates of the Turkish Workers’ Party were dead by neo-fascists, see “Multi-party aeon of the Republic of Turkey”.

Places in Bahçelievler, Ankara

The capital architecture of the Turkish National Library arrangement (Milli Kütüphane Baskanligi) is amid here.

Bahcelievler Culture and Leisure Centre houses four cine theatres, one bowling anteroom and added facilities.

Bahcelievler Business Centre is a business and arcade centre of Ankara. It aswell houses three cine theatres and a amount of cafes.

Ankara Ice Palace, an calm ice arena, opened in 1989.

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