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Çamlidere Dam , Ankara

Çamlidere Dam , Ankara

It was complete on Bayindir beck in Ankara , amid 1976 and 1984 for the purpose of accouterment drinking, cooler and automated water.

The physique aggregate of the dam which is apple physique bushing blazon is 2,487.000 cubic beat and 101, 70 beat top from the beck bed. The basin aggregate is 1,226.000 hm3 at the approved baptize level; the basin breadth is 32,000 aboveboard kilometers at the approved baptize level. It provides 150 hm3 bubbler and cooler baptize per year.

The breadth is aswell acclimated for circadian trips and picnic.

Transportation Information

Address 108 km from Ankara , on Bayindir Brook


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