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Sinan samil Sam

Sinan samil Sam

Sinan samil Sam (born June 23, 1974 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany) is a Turkish ample able boxer. Whilst his able career, Sam had accomplished the EBU and WBC belts several times.

Able career

Height: 194 cm. Nicknamed the “Bull from Bosphorus”, Sam angry pro in 2000 afterwards a acclaimed abecedarian career. Known for his adamant chin, he won his aboriginal 18 fights, including victories over Przemyslaw Saleta, Danny Williams, and Julius Francis. In 2003 he suffered his aboriginal pro defeat to Juan Carlos Gomez and absent the afterward action adjoin Luan Krasniqi. In 2005 he agitated Lawrence Clay Bey to set up a action with Oleg Maskaev, a action which he absent via accepted decision. Afterwards the accident to Maskaev he defeated Saul Montana in 2006 but again absent a WBC abolishment bender to Oliver McCall in June 2007.

Abecedarian career

9 times Turkish Championship

1992 2nd abode (Middleweight) at the Junior European Championships in Edinburgh, accident to Vassiliy Jirov

1992 Junior World Champion (Light Heavyweight) in Montreal

1993 2nd abode (Light Heavyweight) at the European Championships in Bursa, Turkey

1995 3rd abode (Heavyweight) at the World Championships in Berlin, accident in the Semifinal to Luan Krasniqi

1998 3rd abode (Super Heavyweight) at the European Championships in Minsk, Belarus

1999 won the World Championships in the Super Ample in Houston

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