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Synod of Ancyra

Synod of Ancyra

The Assemblage of Ancyra was an ecclesiastical council, or synod, convened in Ancyra (modern day Ankara , the basic of Turkey), the bench of the Roman administering for the arena of Galatia, in 314. The division was anon afterwards Easter; the year may be cautiously deduced from the actuality that the aboriginal nine canons are advised to adjustment calamity wreaked in the abbey by persecution, which accomplished afterwards the abolish of Maximinus in 313.

The tenth assize tolerates the marriages of deacons who antecedent to allotment had aloof the appropriate to yield a wife.

The thirteenth forbids chorepiscopi to anoint presbyters or deacons.

The eighteenth safeguards the appropriate of the humans in aghast to the arrangement of a abbey whom they do not wish.

Canon XXII: Concerning wilful murderers let them abide prostrators; but at the end of activity let them be advantaged with abounding communion.

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