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Akköprü , ankara

Akköprü , ankara

Akköprü (Turkish: ak köprü, “white bridge”) is a actual arch in Yenimahalle commune of Ankara , Turkey, crosses the Ankara River in foreground of Varlik neighbourhood. It is the oldest arch in Ankara and still in acceptable condition. The neighbourhood about the arch was aswell called ‘Akköprü’. The breadth is home to the abundant Atatürk Cultural Centre and Ankamall arcade centre, the better capital in Ankara.


The arch was complete durign the administration of the Seljuk absolutist Alaaddin Kayqubad I in the aboriginal 13th century. It was commissioned by Kizil Bey, the Seljuk governor of Ankara , in 1222. The arch was amid on the old barter avenue to Baghdad.


The capital architecture actual acclimated in the constructon of the arch is basalt stone. The arch has seven arches, four of them getting bigger and the others smaller. The brownish parapets were absorbed subsequently. There are two inscriptions in the western ancillary of the bridge, one of them getting rubbed out.

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