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Museum of Gordion , Ankara

Museum of Gordion , Ankara

Contact and Transportation Info

Address: Yassihöyük Köyü Polatli

Telephone: (0090) 312 638 21 88

Visit Time: Every Day Except Monday

Summer: 08.30-17.30 (Every day) - Winter: 08.30-17.

Information: It was complete in 1963 next to a baby apple which has 500 populations and accepted as Yassihoyuk today. A archival exhibition is presented at the Museum of Gordion today and anniversary era is represented by the appropriate samples. The Old Bronze Age works of arts are apparent at the three affectation window as followed by the works of arts acceptance to King Midas Period and Frig Era. Hand-made pots and pans acceptance to Earlier Adamant Age, the adamant accoutrement acceptance to Earlier Frig Era and bolt assembly accoutrement are apparent with those works of arts.


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