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Gençlerbirligi Spor Kulübü

Gençlerbirligi Spor Kulübü

Gençlerbirligi Spor Kulübü is a Turkish football club from the capital, Ankara , arena in the Turkcell Süper Lig. The name translates actually as “Youth Union”.

Contact information

Gençlerbirligi Spor Kulübü

Address: Çiftlik Caddesi No:30 06510 Bestepe/Ankara/Türkiye

Tel: +90 312 215 30 00

Fax: +90 312 221 21 25


Gençlerbirligi was founded in a hardly altered way to abounding added football clubs, accepting been accustomed by acceptance from the top school, Ankara Erkek Lisesi (Sultani Mektebi). The acceptance in catechism (Ramiz Eren, Mennan iz, Mazhar Atacanli, Sait, Kenan, Nuri, Namik Katoglu, Namik Ambarcioglu, Ridvan Kirmaci, Hafi Araç, Ruhi, Sari Ziya and Hakki) had bootless to be alleged for their own academy team, and asked one of their apprentice friends, Asim, to allocution with his ancestor about ambience up a football aggregation for them to appearance how able-bodied they could play.

On March 14, 1923, Asim’s father, the affiliate of assembly from Mus Province accustomed the aggregation for his son and his friends. Back all the associates of the teams were acceptance he chose the name ‘Youth Union’. They adopted Sari Ziya’s ancestor Faik Bey as their aboriginal chairman.

Subsequently these adolescent acceptance capital to play adjoin the academy aggregation which had not alleged them. Gençlerbirligi won the game, played at “Hamit tarlasi”, 3-0. According to these adolescent insubordinate players this achievement artificial the character of their new team.


There are abounding rumors about how Gençlerbirligi got its aggregation colors, atramentous and red:

The adolescent acceptance went to a bounded haberdashers and the alone accessible colors were atramentous and red. They purchased these colors to sew their own kit.

At that time the istanbul Altinordu aggregation was acclaimed and accurate in abounding Anatolian cities. The acceptance bought ten Altinordu jerseys and the aggregation colors were established.

The outskirts of Ankara during bounce time sees affluence of Poppy flowers (Gelincik) blooming and Gençlerbirligi alleged the red and atramentous of this annual for its colors. Gençlerbirligi commodity in its abundance is usually alleged Gelincik by its supporters.


Gençlerbirligi’s arch-rival is the neighbouring club Ankaragücü and amateur amid the clubs are advised as the “Ankara derby”.

Adolescence academy and scouting

Gençlerbirligi has consistently been one of the teams in Turkey a lot of notable for its accomplished adolescent footballers that it procures through aloof both in Turkey and throughout Europe and Africa. For archetype Geremi was scouted and aloft by the club, transferred to Real Madrid and after Chelsea. Another of Gençlerbirligi’s adolescent stars Isaac Promise accustomed the 2005-2006 Turkcell Super Alliance Individual Adolescence amateur of the year award.

Gençlerbirligi’s accompaniment of the art adolescence academy is in Bestepe, Ankara with 50 acreage of training accessories (Bestepe ilhan Cavcav Tesisleri).

Gençlerbirligi has been run by the accepted admiral ilhan Cavcav back 1977. With Cavcav’s help, Gençlerbirligi accept become one of the added abiding clubs in Turkey. This has been accomplished mainly through the abandonment of the a lot of accomplished players every division to the added clubs in Turkey. Departing players are usually replaced with abundant cheaper imports from Turkey, Europe or Africa.

Recent acceleration and UEFA Cup run

For the endure ten years the aggregation has consistently accomplished in the top bisected of the table, and in the 2002/2003 division they were in altercation for the championship until a ages afore the end of the season. The next season, they played in the UEFA Cup beneath drillmaster Ersun Yanal. The adolescent aggregation alone teams like Parma FC, Blackburn Rovers and Sporting Clube de Portugal. Finally they were alone in the fourth annular of the UEFA Cup by closing winners Valencia. In 2004/05 they accomplished fifth in the league, but with a ample amount of their a lot of accomplished players abrogation the club, they were afresh affected to accost the challenges of replacing them afore the alpha of the next season.


Ankara Football League:

Winners (4): 1929-1930 Season, 1930-1931, 1932-1933, 1934-1935

Turkish Cup:

Winners (2): 1987, 2001

Runners-up (2): 2003, 2004, 2008


Fourth Annular (1): 2003-04


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